Ultra Nit Dryer – Relaxing Dryer For Improved Hand Feel And Shrinkage For Tubular Fabrics

  • Provides the best combination of the latest drying, relaxing and energy-saving technologies, achieving relaxation volumes of more than 18%.
  • Advanced Nozzle arrangement permits fabric to bulk and the knitted loop to relax, producing finished fabrics with the better hand, more weight and increased stitches.
  • Advanced nozzle, airflow and thermal properties designed to optimise residual shrinkage values, eliminating the need for high-energy-cost shaking or steaming attachments.
  • Truly a three-active-pass dryer and carries the fabric without tension between two belts on each pass through the dryer.
  • Each pass is active, meaning that the fabric is exposed to a consistent airflow across the full width during every pass.
  • Provides for a tremendous amount of flexibility with respect to its overfeed capabilities.
  • Overfeed from the entry to the first pass adjustable while the machine is in operation.
  • Additional overfeed can be set up between each pass to maximise shrinkage and drying efficiency.
  • Attains production levels of 10 to 50 tons per day, depending on configuration.

Available Options

  • Automatic continuous lint belt cleaning system – maintains maximum drying efficiency and reduces downtime.
  • Exhaust Air Humidity Control (ECH) – maintains constant exhaust air saturation, reducing energy used per unit produced.
  • Exit Fabric Temperature Control (IWET) – infrafed temperature control monitors the fabric at the exit to ensure maximum dryer output.