Pak Nit E3+ – Tubular Compactor For Shrinkage Control, And Improved Hand Feel For Tubular Fabrics

The Navis TubeTex Pak Nit II e3+ Compactor provides high level of performance and appearance for tubular knit fabrics. For fine quality outerwear and apparel knit fabrics, your facility’s final step of processing  yields a softer hand as well as superior shrinkage, width and yield control.

The Navis TubeTex Pak-Nit e3+, along with the two station Pak-Nit e3+ Gemini model, is the next evolution of the industry standard in tubular shrinkage control.

Pak-Nit e3+ offers following specific advantages:

  • Improved hand feel and appearance – all while achieving the natural relaxed state of the knit loop in a continuous process
  • Residual shrinkage results of only 1% in knit fabric by tumble dry testing – Compaction rates up to 25%
  • Patented processing system means accurate repeatability of desired finishing results

E3+ In The Pak Nit E3+ Represents:

  • Eco-Friendly – Reduced carbon footprint and Chemical free shrinkage control
  • Ergonomic – Operator and Maintenance personnel will find the machine and screens easy to understand and control.
  • Efficient – Fast change lot change over, Reduced energy usage (electrical, steam, and air)

Pak-nit E3+ Introduction Highlights

  • Redesigned Compaction Station
  • Lower overall energy consumption
  • All-new Operator Control System
  • Improved Operator functions for lot to lot change-over
  • Improved Maintenance functions for station set-up
  • Modern overall machine aesthetics
  • Expanded options for remote technical support