Bleach Nit (Jemco) – Continuous Rope Bleach Range

Superior quality

  • Rope processing without rope squeezing means no stretching or rope marks
  • Precise control of bleaching chemicals either with traditional batch or new direct dozing with recipe capability
  • Automatic, precise kier and multi-compartment washer temperature control
  • Kier and jet washer each have individually controlled, self-adjusting compartments that stay full, even with changes in fabric width and weight
  • Low abrasion, no pilling and minimal weight loss
  • Fabric torque eliinated by patented detwister and automatic balloon inflation

Special Features

  • Widely accepted to be the best and most economical bleaching system.
  • Direct costs of less than half that of beck or winch bleaching and significantly lower than low-liquor Jet Dye machinery
  • Lower water usage – 10 lit/kg of fabric approx.
  • Lower steam usage – less water means less steam, approx 0.7 kg steam/kg fabric
  • Lowest direct labour – one operator runs kier and washer, including softener application
  • Simple design for low maintenance and minimal downtime.
  • AC inverter control

Chemical Savings & Precision

  • Lower chemical usage than any batch system
  • Chemicals are more thoroughly used, resulting in kier dumping only about once a month for 24/7 operation
  • Direct dosing of concentrated peroxide, caustic, auxiliaries and optical permits recipe optimising for a wide range of fabrics
  • Large volume kier provides more dwell time for a lower required chemical concentration
  • Balloon squeeze padding system reduces chemical carryover to a minimum

Increased Productivity

  • Several model sizes to meet unique requirements – 900 kg/hr
  • 100% Cotton, polyester/cotton blends
  • Full-bleach white, prepare for print, prepare for dye, softener application knits (jersey, rib, interlock, pique), fleece and wovens in rope form
  • Less floor space and capital cost per kg than dye machines