Navis Tubetex, USA – Shrinkage Control And Improved Hand Feel

In the past two decades, India has become a global leader in the knit finishing industry. This success can be contributed to Indian entrepreneur’s ability to consistently supply high-quality fabrics efficiently to the global market.

This success story would not be complete without mentioning the role played by Navis TubeTex. Navis TubeTex has a long history as the largest finishing machinery company in America with a reputation as an industry innovator. With Navis TubeTex solutions, India finishers are able to improve efficiency, lower cost, while producing the highest quality fabrics consistently. The success of Navis TubeTex customers, Particularly Tirupur reinforces this.

Navis Tubetex Product Range:

  • CQC – Constant Quality Concentration System
  • Delta Nit Pad – Tensionless de-twisting, extracting and chemical processing
  • Ultra Nit Dryer – Relaxing dryer for improved hand feel and shrinkage for tubular fabrics
  • Supreme Nit Dryer – Relaxing dryer for open width fabrics
  • Master-Nit Dryer – Relax Dryer
  • Pak-Nit e3+ – Shrinkage Control and improved hand feel for tubular fabrics
  • Pak-Nit e3 Gemini – Two station model for tubular fabrics – Shrinkage Control and improved hand feel for tubular fabrics
  • C-2500 Open Width Compactor – shrinkage control and improved hand feel for open width fabrics
  • Bleach Nit (JEMCO) – Continuous Rope Bleach Range