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We JANAKSONS are over four decades old trusted organisation servicing the Indian Textile, Leather Garments and Baggage sector with world renowned brands

YKK Zippers

It’s like a jewel in JANAKSONS’ crown. YKK is a name synonymous with world class zippers. Since 1975 and more particularly since 1997 (when YKK India plant was set up) JANAKSONS has proudly spearheaded in India….


Apparel Deck

Apparel Deck, a new division of Janaksons is an innovative extension of YKK Zippers that has been incepted to service Retail Industry of Boutiques & Fashion Designing Hubs and to Meet the ever-growing demand of original YKK zippers….


Waternext Solutions

WaterNext was founded by a group of friends experts in water treatment with a vision to transfer the great technological heritage present in Europe in developing countries through serious partners who like to develop locally…


Textile Machinery

Keumyong has devoted to manufacturing various quality circular knitting machines.

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Markets We Serve

Home Furnishing

Zippers are widely use in home furnishing items like pillow, mats, sofas, etc. for functionality, durability and comfort in handling but some fancy zippers enhance the décor as well.


Zipper is a crucial part which provides closer, smoother garment fit and accepts more seam stress than button, snap, or any other mode. Many types of zippers are also used for their aesthetic value such as those with elaborate or ornate pulls, decorative zipper tapes, or color-combi chains.

Sports Wear

Zipper is redefined as an element of modern dynamic and vitality into the sports fashion, so that the new sportswear trend looks brand-new. Zippers are very common in outdoor sportswear or active wear. YKK zippers give assurance to the manufacturers and end-users of the fabric strength and durability.

Leather Industry

From handbags to jackets, a multitude of leather goods have zippers on them – mainly due to their functionality. There are various components of the zippers, many of which also define the styling – The Pull Tab, Top or Bottom Stops, and the Locking system.


Zippers are widely used in the automotive industry. E.g., in seat covers. Zipper is used in automotive seating to give the smooth cover open access to air bags and other connections required for seat functions.

High Fashion Industry

Our separate Division under the name of Apparel Deck serves dedicatedly only the Garment Designing, Boutique segment through ready availability of 60 colors in various sizes in lower quantities per order. Many well-known designers of India are our existing customers. Orders can be placed to us online through our website www.appreldeck.com .

We provide innovative products and solutions for your industry needs