Keumyong korea – circular knitting Machine

With the philosophy to serve clients by producing the best, Keumyong Machinery Co. was established in the year 1956. Since then Keumyong has devoted to manufacturing various quality circular knitting machines and important components of diesel engines. With the state-of-the-art computerised facilities, advanced technology and a long history of quality workmanship and production techniques, no wonder Keumyong has come out with many innovations and has maintained excellence in their products.


Less load by high precision perfect gaps between all parts resulting in

  • Smooth passing of Needles between cylinder and cams
  • No vibration of needles
  • better quality of plated fabric

Less friction for each part

  • Longer needle’s life
  • Save power consumption

Fantastic machine speed

  • The speed factor of the M/c is designed to 1500.SF (speed factor) = Diameter X RPM

    SF 1500 = 30” X 50 RPM

Awesome specification of rib

  • Keumyong have different types of rib machines like 2 feeders/Inch, 2.4 feeders/Inch, 2.8 feeders/Inch & Interlock machines like 3.2 feeders/Inch, 3.6 feeders/Inch.

Restart after setting

  • User’s friendly design has no need to stop the machine for a long time. Cylinder conversion is very easy as the dial alone needs to be adjusted without adjusting the Cylinder.
  • Mono cam structure as such no need to change the Knit cams for Rib fabric & Interlock fabric while conversion

Save maintenance cost

  • Lifetime guaranty of Ceramic yarn carrier – Other’s need the replacement for every 3-4 years.
  • Longer needle life by Ceramic yarn guide and high precision in pass way of the needle.
  • Special servomotor for take-up system – no need of replacing carbon brush.
  • Double knit machines have special oil pump for lubricating the top counter

Innovations by Keumyong

Description Year
Mini Jacquard 1990. 7
Computerized 4 Color Auto Striper 1995.10
3 Position Computerized Jacquard 1995. 8
Auto Doffer System 1994. 3
Computerised Double Jacquard 1988.10
Computerised Pile Loop Jacquard 1995.12
Computerised Rib-Mesh Jacquard 1989. 8
Computerised Single Jacquard 1987. 5
High Pile Jacquard 1998.12
High-Speed Plush Knitting Machine 1987. 5