Delta Nit Pad – Tensionless De-twisting, Extracting And Chemical Processing

It begins the finishing process after dyeing, bleaching or scouring of circular knit fabrics. The Delta-Nit Pad processes either single or double strands of fabric and is available in either a two-or-four-roll set up. Designed to be operated by only one person, the Delta-Nit handles detwisting, spreading, extracting and chemical application.

Detwisting Entry

The detwisting process begins at the hydraulic powered turntable, which is installed in the floor at the front of the Delta-Nit Pad. The heavy-duty turntable uses an inverter-controlled soft starting pump that minimises the stress on the turntable.

Optional power-driven cloth lifter, torque compensator and automatic detwisting sensor remove the twist from dyeing and carries the fabric tension-free to the Delta-Nit Pad.

Spreading – Wet & Dry

The Delta-Nid Pad sprader uses an internally driven belt spreader system for proper width and length control. Our patented Touch-O-Matic low-pressure gas-charged expander allows width adjustments while the machine is in operation. The spreader is designed to overfeed during operation, which reduces shrinkage at the pad.


The Delta-Nit Pad extractor passes the spread, relaxed fabric to a 5-gallon (18-litre) rewet-out tank. The rewetting ensures the next step, whether drying or chemical application is uniform in its application. The automatic ballooning system injects air into the wet fabric tube and improves crossline. The balloon is controlled to improve width uniformity. The innovative design uses two matched 9” (22.5 cm) diameter rolls to extract the maximum moisture from the tubular-formed fabric.