Computer Knit Machine

KCSJ-60V KCSJ-72V Computerized single-knit electronic jacquard machine

  • The cylinder needle selection system is electronically controlled by specially designed WAC CERAMIC actuator equipped with the machine for 3 positions (Welt, tuck and knit) needle selection device.

KCPJ-III /3A KCPJ-III /2A Computerized pile-loop knit electronic jacquard machine

  • Computerized Pile-loop knit electronic jacquard machine with electronic selection device for sinker pin. The movement of a new type of sinker which electronically controlled and selected provides various and quality pile jacquard fabrics. Pile-loop length can be adjustable (1.8mm, 2.1mm, 2.4mm, 2.9mm, 3.2mm, 3.5mm, 1.6 ~3.2mm, 2.0~3.7mm : Optional Sinkers)

KCMJ-II Computerized rib-mesh electronic jacquard machine

  • KCMJ-II Rib-Mesh electronic jacquard machine is up to date and universal in every respect which will produce many kinds of fabric up to and including electronic and jacquard transfer patterns. Mesh Jacquard patterns in the basic rib fabric create attractive high quality knitted fabric.

KCDJ-IV Electronic jacquard mattress ticking machine

  • Especially developed for mattress cover production in high productivity. The machine equipped with very special storage feeding system which can control the tension of each yarn individually. Model is equipped with enhanced WAC controller and offers a reduction in downtime for pattern change as well as unlimited application and infinite prospects for development.

KYPL-CV Computerized plush jacquard knitting machine

  • The machine is latest and newly developed computerised plush jacquard machine and it provides high-quality fabric for cloth and fabric industry with unlimited pattern and design. The machine is equipped with enhanced WAC controller and Pile lengths are easily adjustable.